Elementary OS & touchscreens

In my previous post I brought up my experiences on using Ubuntu on my HP pavilion x360. I ran into some issues, so next I tried Fedora, because many on the internet said it would be good with touchscreens. However, it ran really slow on my Intel N3050 with Gnome 3 on it and it’s touch support was only marginally better. Gnome’s built in keyboard is as well total crap, it lags and is not very responsive. Although to my understanding it’s still in development. Gestures didn’t work properly, though a lot better than in Ubuntu. Scrolling had to be done by graping the scroll bar on the screen with the finger and then moved up or down.

Disappointed, undeterred however, I decided to try Elementary OS, before throwing my laptop at the wall :D. To my amazement it largely work out of the box, gestures, swiping, scrolling etc. The only thing I needed to fiddle with was onboard, the virtual keyboard, this was to my surprise fairly easy. I simply went to system settings -> desktop -> hot corners and configured my bottom right corner to execute a custom command “onboard” when swiping that corner, thus giving me the keyboard when I want or need it.

Then I simply configured onboard to act as I prefer it to in it’s own settings. That’s it! Elementary saved the day for me and it will now become my go-to when using PCs with touch enabled.

Thanks for reading! Signing out.