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I created this “site” trying to avoid using commercial e-mail services, but with this extra space and domain name I wanted to do something useful. So I decided to make a site to promote me. The site “kendjis.com” that I hosted earlier, was more of an hobby site for my video game modding and to test the waters when it came to websites and wordpress. Previously I had coded sites in html, CSS, php, which took a lot of time, wordpress is really neat in that way, it saves a lot of development time. I’m currently a student at Åbo Akademi University, studying Information Systems, just started my third year on said Bachelor’s degree. I stopped modding because I had a hard time finding the time for it anymore. My new time consuming “hobby” is student politics, whose time requirement varies from week to week and month to month. I’ve learned massive amounts of things while being active in politics, gaining practical experience and insight into leadership, organizing events, representing an organization, getting in-touch with people, mobilizing people behind common goals and so forth. When leading an association, unlike in a company, you have to motivate the members to work for those goals, because everyone is there on voluntary basis. While studying I took classes in organizational leading, where we went through theories how to lead an organization, but found the classes badly lacking, because there where no connection to the practical world, so being politically active gave me an outlet to try out my own leadership skills. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it has been an important part of my recent journey through this life so far.

So why am I studying, why am I still studying, I’m 26 as of writing this. Well, I have no set goal in life of what I want to become, but I want to try to get a ‘better’ job than what I have previously had. I am a sort of ‘know it all’ and I have so many interests that I lost count, ranging from History, IT, Politics, Personality types/inventories, Network security, Languages and to how an organization and people should work together towards their common goals. Currently I only speak ~4 languages, Swedish, Finnish, English and ‘Scandinavian’, but I really want to learn Russian.

I’m also a happy Linux user, switched from Windows as an challenge to myself and fell in love with the platform. The Ubuntu based operating systems are my favorite, for the simple reason that they use the “PPA” system, which makes installing software so much easier! This goes to a point where you can basically have your computer reinstalled in <60min from wiping your harddrive to having the OS installed with all the programs you want. No more manually downloading setup file after setup file and manually installing the drivers and software (-> next, next, next…). You can simply put enter all your ppa repositories into the terminal and then type ‘sudo apt-get install bla bla bla’ and go take a coffee while it downloads and installs everything for you. Though Linux isn’t for everyone, although in 95% of the cases you don’t have to use a terminal, the times you have to might be scary as hell for some.

I wanted to keep this site simple and lightweight, for the simple reason that I can’t afford a heavy sight with a bunch of bling bling, since that would eat up all my bandwidth for the the site. After all, what’s left from my old Spotify budget now goes towards financing this site, the rest goes to UNICEF.

Want a more formal view of me? Look me up on LinkedIn!

/Kennet, November, 2015

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